2008: I often get requests for recipes, or can’t find one I’ve made in the past.  This site is my solution to record them for myself and to share easily.

This photo was taken while hiking the Cinque Terre trail above Vernazza in Sept 2008 with my husband.   Besides the stunning views, our reward at the end of each hike was a wonderful Italian food experience in another charming little village.

We all have to eat and many of us obviously like to cook. We learned to eat well according to mom and Canada’s Food Rules in grade school.  Later we learned to eat and drink for enjoyment and to try new foods.  Luckily, armed with a few facts and tips we can eat well, enjoy, and stay healthy.

I am very happy to share my recipes here and want to emphasize using fresh and seasonal foods while avoiding prepared foods and snack foods. Maximize fibre, minimize fat, carbohydrates, sugar and salt.  Go ethnic, especially anything Mediterranean.  Cook whole grains.  Use ginger, garlic, lemon, herbs and spices.  Use all the colors of vegetables and fruits.  Shop around the outside of the supermarket; the junk is in the middle. Invest in a small freezer (it costs less than a few restaurant dinners), buy in bulk, cook in bulk, freeze.  Stock up on berries in season.  Make soups with fall vegetables and freeze. Entertain friends, organize pot luck. Teach your kids how to shop and cook.  Most of all, have fun, enjoy butter, bacon, wine and chocolate in moderation.

Don’t smoke – Maintain a normal body weight – Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.       AND, Don’t fall for every fad you read or hear:

Research Fatigue – A phrase coined by Emma Teitel of the Toronto Star.  She writes: “It seems every day the news produces a study indicating our life choices will result in illness or untimely death – followed directly by a contradictory report.”  Most recently WHO has attacked bacon, charcuterie and red meat, stating an alarming increase in colon cancer risk with their consumption.  They do not differentiate between absolute and relative risk, nor do they discuss alcohol and tobacco consumption, obesity, proportion of junk food vs vegetables, fruits and grains in the diet, familial connections, nor activity levels. So take my earlier advice and enjoy.



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  1. Thanks Joan!! I made the sausage and spagetti squash tonight and Mac and Kennedy and I all agreed it was awesome, will definitely make again. I think its great that you have done this and as I browse the recipes there are tons I can’t wait to try.

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